Barona, Finland’s leading private employment and BPO service provider, has on the 14th of June acquired 100% of the shares in Ageris Kontaktcenter AB (“Ageris”) and AMGA AB (“AMGA”). The acquisitions will not have any immediate impact on the customers, employees and operations of Ageris and AMGA. The majority of the former owners of Ageris and AMGA including Ageris’s CEO Johan Johansson will continue in their operative roles after the transaction. Over time, Ageris and AMGA will deepen their co-operation with Barona’s Customer Service business unit which focuses on customer service outsourcing, staffing and recruitment solutions. Together Ageris, AMGA and Barona are able to provide their customers with comprehensive customer service solutions with pan-European service center presence and technology-driven multilingual 24/7 service.


Ageris has for a long time been elaborating international partnerships to cover more languages, increased flexibility and to offer cost advantages to its clients. Ageris was founded 10 years ago and has had a fantastic development over time, growing close to five times in revenue and being granted the Di Gasell prize twice and the Employer of the year prize in Sweden’s most employer friendly and highly competitive municipality Solna. The company and its people are known for stable and long-term partnerships with its clients where some have been loyal to the business for more than 25 years. The foundation for this client loyalty is the value-based culture of action orientation, opennessteam spirit and development . After a joint evaluation of each other over the last six months Ageris is now proud to present this strategic partnership with Barona where all good things from both worlds are to be merged into a strengthened presence and coverage of the Barona customer service business unit.


“Barona is the best choice of buyer for the further development of Ageris and AMGA and we are all very excited about this merger. Most of the key personnel including myself will continue in their current roles and part of the former owners of Ageris will also invest in Barona as a sign of continued belief in the businesses and the people, says Johan Johansson, CEO of Ageris Kontaktcenter (, +46 70 239 99 53).


“Having the number one market position in the Finnish customer service outsourcing market gives us a solid foundation for growth in other Nordic countries. Our customers are requesting Swedish customer service in increasing amounts and joining forces with Ageris and AMGA is an important step in increasing this capability. We currently operate five customer service centers in Finland, Poland and Spain. We are very happy to add Sweden to that list.  We are really excited about the future as the competences of Ageris and AMGA complement our expertise nicely and from culture perspective the fit between the organizations seems perfect”, says Harri Alamäki, Executive Vice President and Head of Barona’s Customer Service business unit (, +358 40 552 92 71).


Barona is a Nordic private employment agency, working constantly to make work life even better. We find jobs for over 30,000 people every year, and we wish to encourage businesses in recognizing the greatest factor for their success: the individual. Our operations are guided by the ideals of courage, sustainability, freedom and working together. We operate internationally in 10 countries and in Finland in over 30 localities. With our 700 plus experts and HR professionals, we provide services in recruitment, influencing employer perceptions, temporary staffing, work ability management and outsourcing solutions. In 2018, Barona’s revenue was EUR 364 million. After the acquisition of Ageris and AMGA Barona’s annual revenue in Sweden will be close to SEK 250 million.

Ageris is an outsourcer with centers in Solna, Falun and Strömsund in Sweden. Ageris delivers customer service, proactive customer care and sales for clients who work strategically with customer loyalty and believe that customer service can increase customer satisfaction and sales. At Ageris we have extensive industry experience that we like to share with you, we follow the labor agreements between Almega and Unionen and we are members of the contact center industry association Kontakta. Contact Center Operations at Ageris has a history that started in the early 90s. Today Ageris has several large and long-term clients, approx 250 employees and is growing organically with profitability.

AMGA is a Swedish private employment agency that has grown rapidly since it was founded in 2014 and today, we have 75 employees in our offices in Stockholm and Malmö. We are experts in finding the right candidate for the right organization, in order to create sustainable, good and long-term partnerships with our customers and employees. Today we are specialized in customer service & sales as well as banking, finance and insurance. We follow the labor agreements between Almega and Unionen and we are members of the recruitment industry association, Kompetensföretagen.